Some students, some educators, some of their thoughts about education – a film by Ryerson Student Affairs

Passages is a film by Ryerson Student Affairs that we hope acts as a catalyst for thinking about school. Its purpose is no more heroic than that. We want to nudge people here and there in their thinking about what it means to engage in post-secondary education.

Who is it for?

This film is intended for students – incoming first-year students, students in transition, students poised to graduate, students in between, students in residence, students thinking about career options, students who struggle, students who thrive, students with disabilities, students full of confidence, students full of doubt.

And it’s for the folks who support and guide students through all of it – educators, parents, caregivers, administrators, counsellors, friends.


Using the Film

The film is best conceived as part of some broader learning context. It is intended as a way to initiate thinking, discussion, and reflection. We have some ideas that should help with that:

Read the facilitator’s guide available here. This gives you a full picture of the thinking behind the film and how it might get used.

We have created a short list of possible post-film questions to generate discussion. Learn more about how we’re hoping you’ll engage with the film, here.



Contact: Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the film and how you can share it with audiences. Contact us at:

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